Project MARLIN sheds some light on marine litter in the Baltic

The Baltic Marine Litter project MARLIN has been monitoring litter at 23 beaches in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia during two years. As a result, a comprehensive and comparable picture of litter in the Baltic Sea is presented for the very first time.

The report can be found at:


Baltic Marine Litter Conference

Date: Starting 22nd October 12.30
Ending: 23rd of October 12.30
Place: Stockholm, Radisson Blu Strand Hotel

Marine litter has not been considered a major problem in the Baltic Sea, still there has been a huge knowledge gap about the amounts and sources of marine litter.

During the Baltic Marine Litter project, beach litter has been monitored on the shores of the Baltic Sea, using a standardised method developed by UNEP/Regional Seas.

For the first time ever we can now present results on marine litter in the Baltic Sea.

Take the chance to meet the partners of the project and take part of the results.
Responsible authorities of implementing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive will present national challenges concerning marine litter. Representatives from NGOs, the tourism sector, shipping sector and waste management experts will also be there to discuss actions and good examples to reduce litter entering the environment.

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