New IMSA report “Plastic Marine Litter: One Big Market Failure”

MSA has published a new report ‘Plastic Marine Litter: One Big Market
Failure. Systemic look at plastic waste in the light of plastic marine
litter’ (IMSA Amsterdam, April 2013). It contains the outcome of a
one-year study on plastic marine litter and waste management, including
the input from Dutch stakeholders from discussions on the draft report.
It has focused land-based sources and especially on municipal solid
waste and packaging waste. Sponsoring came from Desso and PlasticsEurope.

Main conclusions are that more action on plastic marine litter is needed to reduce littering, accelerate Circular Plastics Value Chains, and achieve absolute decoupling between plastics use and its environmental impact through remaining leaks.

The report and summary can be downloaded here.